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        Experience  The MAGIC of  KaRin's psychic gifts in your Spiritual healing reading/spiritual counseling.  Allowing the Channeling angels, telepathic discernment, sensitive Clairvoyance at work in your life.                                                       

 Welcome to Angel Touched Empowerment Readings/spiritual counseling, an exhilarating way to explore the potential and possibilities yearning for expression in your life.  An empowerment readingcounseling  is not a psychic reading in which you resign to a certain "fate" but, in keeping with the wisdom of the ages, a life-affirming vehicle to help you make fruitful abundant choices in your life.  YOU are involved in the counseling and determine the outcome of the reading/counseling by using your own intuitive gifts, which maybe sensitive and full of empowerment but lie dormant inside you and need a little encouragement.  Your reading/counseling is, as a result, intensely personal and, as many of my clients will attest, life-transforming.

ATMspiritualcounseling/ Empowerment Readings help you to clarify intentions, gain insight to existing conditions, and otherwise awaken to guidance and inner awareness that you are already receiving within and without.  As facilitator, I guide you to your intuitive interpretation of  the cards (which you select) and apply them to your life in meaningful ways.  I provide a sensitive space in which you receive directions from your Angels.  Most people underestimate the assistance that we are receiving from our ever-present spiritual Source.  Once we are awakened to KNOWING we own and claim our past, present and future of our spiritual power and true intentions!

Whether your concerns are family, career, money, health, spiritual/psychic or personal direction.  Possibilities and options that you may have overlooked or resisted you may find bubbling up organically from within.  Almighty God does not deliver edicts and ultimatums but options, possibilities and angel touched nudges.  Being sensitive to your spirit enables your souce to guide you  in accordance with your own intuitive intentions,  desires and   knowing the abundance of life.  Thus, your participation in this wonderful dance of the Universe.


AZ cities: Angel Touched Ministries:  Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Apache Junction.

Call 602-679-3423 or e-mail: for more information on Weddings, Memorial Celebration of Life Services, Blessings of Homes and Love Commitment Ceremonies you may inquire at:  WWW.ANGELTOUCHEDMINISTRIES .


Love & Light,


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